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cornfields of tomorrow

Dec 21, 2022

I often picture an odd world where we’re all gone and all that’s left are the scarecrows.

lies about the moths

Dec 21, 2022

they didn’t come from where you think —

I grew them from my hair in their larval forms,

caterpillars nipping at my skin,

their tiny footsteps dappling my skull 

and in turn I covered their small bodies

like a blanket.

a poem for the dream-devil

Dec 21, 2022

dear thing / blessed bad-luck omen / do they know you anymore in this god-fearing place? / can they explain you away in myth / or in miracles?

another tie of the sailor’s hitch

Dec 21, 2022

what odd recurrences: I dreamt of the sea again

and us just talking, wave-tossed.

burying the virgin mary alive by the interstate

Dec 20, 2022

She’s made from nothing: dust, prayer,

apple skins, and she asks to be buried

in the desert.