The well where the world ends

Published ’22


Somewhere deep in the Forest, where tree cover is so thick and dense that hardly any light can shine down and even the insects hesitate to burrow into the earth, there is a wishing well, It is more of a lake , really, but it is where the wishes go nevertheless. The residents of and around the Forest are expected, once per lifetime, to make a pilgrimage there, and to make one wish in exchange for something they value most deeply.
But now the wishes are unraveling, as though something is stealing them at their source. The very essence of the Forest is coming apart, thread by thread.
And somehow, the fate of a peculiar young girl named Riley is tied unmistakably to that wishing well, waiting in silence at the edge of the world.

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Dog Daze


A zine of select poetry and collages made in the summer of ’22.


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Wordly Weirded


Chapbook featuring original poetry, collages, and featured artwork from my pals.


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